Our Leadership Team

What does it mean for me to “help you get back to your business”?
In my past career, I owned a residential home building business. I know what it is like to depend on others to make progress. As a partner in this business, I will make sure that we clear the way for you to be successful in your business.

Fun Fact
If all else fails this guy will give you his kidney. No really, Kit cares so much about other people he donated one of his kidneys to a complete stranger. He kinda needs the other one, but you get the point.

Kit Starr


What does it mean for me to “help you get back to your business”?
As a partner in this business, our culture is my primary focus. I know that if we can build an exceptional culture that is curious, confident, approachable, innovative and intentional we can become a critical partner in your business success.

Fun Fact
Shawn loves wood working, it is kind of a problem. His new favorite shirt says, “sawdust is man glitter”. He wears said shirt way too often.

Shawn Polowniak


What does it mean for me to “help you get back to your business”?
As a previous owner of a residential construction company, I truly know what it means when someone says “time is money”. As President in this business, it is my responsibility to make sure from the time you enter our facility to the time you leave, your visit is the most streamlined and efficient experience.

Fun Fact
I am certified to operate and manage 3 types of power plants: coal, natural gas and nuclear. I have a lot of hobbies, but I would say my biggest passion is music. I’m such an audiophile I have a whole room in my house dedicated to listening to music.

Steve Tucker


What does it mean for me to “help you get back to your business”?
As director of operations, It’s exciting to be a part of such an advanced, clean and efficient transfer station where all our staff is focused on getting our customers in and out at record time and our primary goal is satisfying our customer’s needs.

Fun Fact
I love golf, there’s nothing like watching the sun rise on an early morning, the smell of fresh cut grass and the sounds of the birds waking up singing their songs along with having to perform well against a stiff competitor, I always love a good challenge.

Karl Krown

Director of Operations

What does it mean for me to “help you get back to your business”?
“Getting you back to business” means that we will do everything in our power to provide an essential service in a timely, professional manner thereby allowing you to focus on your business.

Fun Fact
I have over 200 decks of playing card in all shapes and sizes. I have been collecting since I was a kid.

Ashlee Yunker


What does it mean for me to “help you get back to your business”?
As a former scale clerk, I have had the pleasure of getting to know my customers and hearing what they go through on a weekly basis. One driver said something that really stuck with me “Since Raptor has opened, my hours have gone from 60 hours a week to 40. I can actually get home at a decent time. “Helping you get back to business”, means that you can get what you need to get done quickly and still have time for the important things. 

Fun Fact
I have many hobbies but spending time with my two boys will always be my favorite. Watching them catch fish, trying something new for the first time, or accomplishing a goal will always put a smile on my face. 

Chelsea Childress

Office Manager

Become a Raptor

Are you the person everyone calls when they need help? Do you enjoy finding the most efficient way to do your job? Do you like to ask questions to determine the best way forward? Do you lay awake at night wondering how to solve the worlds trash problem? Then maybe, just maybe, you have what it takes to be a Raptor.


For all inquiries, please contact our office at help@raptortransfer.com

Current openings

Raptor is looking for the best drivers. If you take pride in your work, if you like being a respected member of an incredible team, if you are looking for the best place to put your Class A CDL in practice, if you have a clean driving record, if you can’t rest as long as there is trash in this world, Raptor wants to talk to you.

Raptor is looking for the best crane operators. Do you consider yourself a ninja of the crane? If you have great powers of observation, if you are precise and efficient with controls, if you like the idea of the quiet precision of an electric crane, if you were the kid in the sandbox that couldn’t rest until all the sand from one side was shifted to the other? It’s ok, we get you and we may have a home for you. 

Raptor is looking for the best Lot Conductors. What is a Lot Conductor you ask? At Raptor a Lot Conductor is a critical role that is responsible for orchestrating the entire customer experience from the moment they arrive at our building till the moment they are ready to roll back down the road. This individual is responsible for making sure our customers end up in the right place, open the door of their container, provide direction to the customer, and safely secure their trucks so they can get back to business. If you enjoy customer engagement, if you are driven to finding the most efficient/safe way to get your job done, if you take pride in working for a company that values input and wants you to bring your best ideas forward, then give us a ring we would love to talk to you. 

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