Our History

In 2017, our founders, Kit Starr and Shawn Polowniak started a roll-off dumpster company called My Dumpster Guy. It was through this business that they discovered waste transfer stations in general were antiquated and all tended to function in a similar fashion, mountains of trash piled on the ground inside metal buildings. Unless you are a hungry rodent these facilities are messy, noisy, and not something you want to be downwind of on a summer day. They looked far and wide for a more modern approach. When a national search failed to provide the answers, Raptor was born.

What Makes Raptor So Special?

Disposing of waste is a modern challenge, so why are there so few modern solutions?

It all started with that simple question. That question led us to ask how we could build a waste transfer station that could handle large volumes of trash efficiently while making the entire experience better for our customers and communities we serve. It all starts with our patented process of transferring waste directly from your local hauling vehicle into our long-haul trucks. Yep, your trash never touches the ground. We knew this would provide a much cleaner, more efficient solution. Our patented process allows us to do this while still screening for hazardous waste. This is great, but how does it allow you to get on the road faster? Dumping directly into our hauling vehicle allows us to cycle the waste much faster, keeping us from accumulating trash and keeping you from waiting in long lines. Additionally, Raptor has 20 dumping bays, making it the largest transfer station in the KC metro area.

Every aspect of the facility was designed with you in mind:

  • Located 1.5 miles from the Grandview triangle off 71 hwy, Raptor is easy to get to.
  • All concrete in and out of our facility means your truck stays clean and your tires free of punctures.
  • Our lot was designed by engineers to allow for efficient truck turning radiuses.
  • Self-serve kiosks with built-in printers allow for swift credit card processing.
  • Bypass lanes for pick-up loads cut down on wait times at the scale.
  • Team members at each loading area open doors for safety and speed.
  • Dedicated lanes for hand unloading keep lanes open for our commercial customers.
  • Scales under every trailer allow us to direct you to the proper bay to unload every time.



We are always learning. We love asking why. We are curious about providing the best experience for our employees and customers. We are curious what you think. Let us know how we can be better.


We aren’t afraid to ask questions. We don’t shy away from a challenge. We can learn from the past but won’t be stuck in it. We take the time to make thoughtful decisions, so we can provide solutions with confidence.


We are in the business of serving people. We want everyone to feel valued at Raptor. Our customers matter, our employees’ matter. We have an opportunity to make your day better and we intend to do everything in our power to make that happen.


Building Raptor was just the first step. We are always open to new ideas. Raptor is challenging the way waste transfer stations process waste, but we aren’t finished. We will constantly seek ways to be better every day.


Innovation without intention leads to chaos. Our goal is to provide the best solutions for our employees and customers. We embrace change, but only if it is in service of the people that count on us.